Dating walking canes

Read more For many people, the mere mention of a cane or walking stick conjures images of crutches used by frail, elderly types to support and steady themselves.

A cane is a rod fabricated from wood, metal, plastic, or glass, used by individuals as walking aids, ceremonial or professional batons, or fashionable accessories.

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It is not a drama because she has others back home but I need one here, in Switzerland. somebody mentioned pharmacies but the traditional place to get such things is a "Sanittsgeschft" (or "Sanittshaus", a medical supply shop), e.g. option=co...d=79&Itemid=82 Prices for products from a "Sanittsgeschft" may be high and some of the products can be bought at much cheaper prices elsewhere, especially if there is no need for adjustment, maintenance etc. You know some old people what are like Thanks everyone for the replies!Trust your instincts with regard to your purchases.Before spending a lot of money on your purchase, make sure you have adequate and believable documentation from the seller regarding the provenance he is providing, as a stick with tight provenance may dramatically increase its value—and radically decrease its value if the provenance is found to be faulty.The website offers Petworth Antique Centre UK based Petworth Antique Centre offering period and decorative English, continental and oriental furniture, garden ornaments and statuary, oil paintings, water colours, pottery, porcelain, china glass, clocks, watches, jewellery, textiles, rugs, fans and Laurence Jatzen - Antiques collection canes For twenty five years Laurence Jantzen has been an antique dealer, specializing in canes dating from 17th to the 19th century.She is also an expert at the appraisal Company : C. A.: Compagnie dexpertise en antiquites et objets dart.On identifying myself as the buyer of the GAR cane, this lovely woman shared with me her family history behind the stick, which I will share with readers at a future time.


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