Dating a former addict accommodating students with hiv

I usually have 3-4 that are court ordered to treatment in exchange for less or no jail time. Alcohol lessen inhibitions and can lead to relapse of any drug. If your friend has been sober for some time then you need to worry that IF THEY DO relapse their tolerance for the drugs has lessened. Sharing needles can spread diseases that you don't want. What may have seemed to be a small dose in the past can now be the dose that kills them. Not to mention that using drugs/alcohol can make you make horrible choices. Honest background-disclosure is a great way for people to connect and get a feel for who the other is — but there will inevitably be some aspect of everyone’s past which they fear will give others the wrong impression.This is one of the major issues faced by former addicts. It’s a tricky situation — but the essential thing is to never feel forced by shame or remorse into disclosing something. If you are not in control, then you are (once again) essentially being ruled by the addiction.some of these parents in this forum know what i am talking about.

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Nobody is without a past, and most people want to be honest and liked for who they are. If he is willing to get on a support program (I don't mean just NA) but working with a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist uf necessary, then by all means, support your partner, but be watchful for any sign if a relapse.I work on the substance abuse floor of the VA hospital. I have the same bunch of patients over and over again.I have been dating 'J' for 3 months now, from the beginning he has been honest and upfront with me about his troubles with the law and his addiction.He has been clean for 7 months, after several relapses lasting less than a month previously.I would love to get some advice on being supportive. recovery has to come first cause without it i will have nothing anyways.


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